2) Assume People come to work every day, to do their best

See the source imageNo one is out to get you. If the person your are working with is being defensive, check if you’re being aggressive

If those you work with  do,  what you perceive is wrong, work with them to fix it, don’t blame them.

Remember, People are human, and even Gandhi had a shitty day, you never know what problems others are dealing with so, handle with care.

Always assume that they are trying to do their best.

One person I worked with years ago was very adversarial. They had been doing a job for years, I was new and changing many things. They saw me as a treat to their job and treated me as such.

What I didn’t understand is that, they were the sole earner in their household with a very sick partner. Once I explained what my goals were, they worked with me as they new my intentions were about the work and not them and I treated them with the understanding of their position.

Like I say, assume that everyone came to work to do their best.

Question: Did you ever think someone was out to get you, only to find they were focused on something different?

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