3) Honesty is best policy

See the source imageI have had many great managers, inspirational ones, one of my first and favorite managers  was a Seattle Hippy. She thought us to embrace and enjoy change and risk. She later moved back to Seattle left the company and setup her own business, showing us she lived her beliefs. The next manager, was the one who thought me to be very financially prudent, complete opposites, yet, both fantastic managers. I learned so much.

Over the years, some were hard work, some I didn’t like their view point or found them negative, one quite aggressive, some were uninspiring, but I could work with them all, as I was always clear on what they wanted

The only bad manager I ever had was Dishonest one. This person was unable to give negative feedback and therefore told everyone things were great and eventaully had to come clean. It is peoples lives you are messing with and they deserve honesty, even if you can give them nothing else. People hate the unknown, once known, no matter how bad it is, they can deal with it.

If you do not get along with your manager, ask them straight up what is their agenda and what is their goal, usually like workplace gossip, it is not what you think and if they are honest you can usually work with them.

Question: what was the traits in your best and worst boss and why do you think they were this was?

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