4) Surround yourself with smart people and people who think differently and embrace the diversity

See the source imageIt is comfortable to find people with the same world view, as they tend to agree with you.

Differing viewpoints are harder to work with. However, they make us all smarter, better people. Look for where you have skills lacking and find people who fill those needs, in your team or around you, and work with them.

People are always thinking about how to get rid of their weaknesses. What if you turn things around and focus on your strengths instead. The truth is, you may never overcome your weaknesses, with work you will get better, but you won’t become expert.

The things you do great!  They will make you fly. Find on your teams the things people do great and allow them to fly.

For example,  I am a someone who likes to shake the status quo and look at new ways of delivering results. My best partnership was with a guy who was not a risk taker. He bought the same car every time and parked it in the same place every day. We first didn’t get on too well. He thought I was a scary  and didn’t see the risks and I thought he was unable to do anything different and slow to move on change needed.

We were both somewhat right about each other. We did build a great partnership, once we recognized each other’s strengths. He would stop me jumping off the cliff and make me think about it from another point of view and I would push him out of his comfort zone, to make change.

We had a great partnership that helped us both move from our comfort zones and learn a lot about ourselves, he is still a great friend.

Remember: No one is the perfect human – but a diverse team can be close.

Question: when did someone with a differing opinion or world view change your position on something, and if not think about why not?

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