5) Don’t fear Process.

See the source imageTry to understand the outcome you want and the process before you fix anything.

Sometimes, the thing you are fixing as the biggest issue, may be irrelevant to the real process.

The amount of times people would say to me, “those process people coming and meddling with how things work”.

I would answer, when you get up in the morning, do you put your shoes on before your trousers, everything we do is process. Not all of it is good process.

Remember, someone questioning the process is not someone questioning you. In fact, talking about the process should remove adversity, as it helps everyone know why we do things or realize we are doing things, we don’t need to do.

Some people take the process personally.  The process is just the current buildup of habits, some good and some bad.

For Example: Did you know there is a TED Talk on how to Tie your shoelace better. Bet you have been all doing that since you were a kid and never knew there was a better way

Finally, ensure the process works well before you automate so you don’t create a nightmare.

Question: What is a process that you have done for years that you found out could be done better?

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