8) Plan for Success, Mitigate Failure.

See the source imagePeople say you should use the 80/20 rule: 80% plan, 20% do.

This is true, but in the plan phase you should also use the 80/20 rule.

20% Planning and 80% trying to figure out all that can go wrong in the plan and what you do about it to mitigate failure.

I have seen people  who are really great at this. However, I know it is very hard to do.

I sometimes use the simpler view of what is the worst-case scenario. If this fails, what will it affect and how will I work around or stop this failure happening. Because during the project that is what will keep you awake at night.

If you can cater for that worst case scenario then you are better able to run the project through its lifecycle knowing you are covered.

Question: What project did you work on that had a disaster and looking back was it impossible to predict this? What would you have done better if you had built a mitigation plan?

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