9) Tell me why, I don’t like Mondays.

See the source imageA famous Irish Man ‘Bob Geldof’ once wrote a song – Tell me why, I don’t like Mondays.

There’s a saying “It’s not Monday, you hate it is your Job”.

No one else can fix it for you. You can relook at your job and redefine your role, to work on what excites you. Be the best you can be at it.

Your manager cannot fix your job or your career, you own it.

Everyone has some bad and stressful days. Remember: The temptation to give up is often strongest, just before victory.


If your bad days always outweigh the good ones – move

If you find your work boring – move.

If you really don’t think the job matches your skillsets – move

If you don’t ever like coming to work – move

If you don’t move – things will get worse for you and even if others don’t push or force you to move.

Hating your job will eat you up inside and will affect your work, your family, your home life (remember item 1 – Family first) and your confidence.

Move or Seek real help, but, don’t let if fester as this is the worst of all.

Question: Did you ever move Job or get pushed when you didn’t want to? Did it work out better for you? Why?

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