Help my work is borin…


In any Job there is exciting and boring work, something it feels like it is all boring. What do you do to reinvigorate yourself at work, here are a few suggestions

  • Figure out what drives you, why did you start this job v others, what interested you. When was the last time you were doing something and lost track of time, what was that thing. People refer to loosing track of time as flow. When did you last have flow and why.  If you cannot remember, keep an eye out for when it happens and record what you were doing. You will soon learn what you enjoy. Then you can try to see how to bring more of this into your work
  • Learn something new. Where do you lack knowledge on your job, where are your interests. What could you do to improve your knowledge. Read a book on something related to work that will add to your passion. Go on a course. Attend a conference. All these things will help you learn and this will inspire you in your work.
  • Find time to change something, change your routine, do the least enjoyable work and the time you are at your best, if you are a morning or evening person, then do the work that gives you flow in the times you would be at your least productive as this will be the easiest.
  • Think differently, how do you make a difference at work, why are you there. If the way you think about work is not exciting change it. Look at your work as a new employee, would you do something differently. What if you looked at your work from a different angle, move from why to why not. Ask stupid question about what you do as though you were a kid and see what answers you find.
  • What are your strengths . Are you using your strengths, if not why not, could you find areas that play to your strengths. Did you talk to your boss about your strengths, maybe they are unaware of them and could help you use them.
  • Surround yourself with positive people and remove negative ones, the most depressing way to get through the day is to be at the water cooler complaining about other people, STOP, stop talking, stop listening and start to be positive in your conversation and find people to talk to that are positive. You will find this alone will make you happier.
  • Help someone, nothing makes you feel better than making someone else’s life better. Look for where you can help someone, if you have skills others don’t use them to help them, mentor someone, you will be surprised where your experience can help others, or your inexperience can help with a new view on things. If nothing else being positive will help others.
  • Take vacation, finally so many people are too busy to take a vacation, you need your vacation this is what will inspire your, break you from work to think differently. if nothing else your job gives you,  it gives the money to take that vacation
  • If all else fails look for another job, but ensure it fills your passion or you will be back to the first 8 points in no time



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