Moving chairs on the Titanic

How many times have you had a Reorg.


People joke if there is more than 6 months gone and you haven’t moved desk expect a Reorg.

Why do we need so many Reorgs. Well some make sense focus limited resources on new areas of the business. But many feel like they are put together because the last one didn’t give the results expected.

After a while organizations become protective of themselves as the constant change happens around them and this leads to people focusing on their narrow scope and success is then not found for the organization so management resolve this problem again with… Yes you guessed it another Reorg.

Folks it doesn’t have to be this way. Almost anything can be achieved in an organization with any organizational structure. Try to figure out why your organization is not functioning and don’t just reorg.

If you get your teams to work across boundaries you break down the walls of the mini organizations and you save yourself from constant Reorgs. Sure there will be reasons for Reorgs and they should happen occasionally. I have seen managers who have declared their Vision and Goals have not changed over X years but, they have reorg’s every year. Guess what you will never achieve them, your organization is living in a state of fear and what happens in a state of fear. Walls go up and people stop working together.

Please work to put in place projects and work plans that break the borders of organization and allow people to see themselves as part of the whole and not of just the part. Hold your managers truly accountable for working across the boundaries and removing them, if they don’t. Remove your managers, don’t reorg them.

I have seen so many great people leave because they couldn’t take the constant reorgs. The constant change disrupts good performers and hides bad performers who get to blame the reorg or constant change in managers.

Next time you think about a reorg, think why am I doing this. What is not working in the current organization and what is the real way to fix this. It is often harder to do this than to reorg, but you solve nothing in 90% of the cases I have seen with a Reorg.

Don’t be a lazy manager.

Question: what is your experience of reorgs

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