Sure glad the hole isn’t at our end…

hole in boar

I have this cartoon hanging in work as I love the simplicity of the message.

So many times we think we can pass the buck or avoid the problem. The reality is we are all in the one Company with the one goal and what hurts one of us will hurt all of us.

It is important to see the whole picture and to be the ones leaning in to lend a hand. Too many times we see people believing they can protect their fiefdom and let others take the blame for things that go wrong.

As a Leader you need to build teams that all help bail out the boat and fix the hole and do not hold it as someone else problem or fault.

Behave as a leader, captain of the boat, not a passanger

Ensure they are clear you share the same goals, we all need to keep the boat afloat

Work with them to identify the problem with no blame, we need to fix the hole, bail out the boat and ensure we know how to stop further leaks from happening.  Learn how to give better feedback.

Help them with the issue and finally give them credit for being open. This is important as you want a world of no surprises and if people are hiding the hole in the boat then you cannot move the boat forward successfully.

If you do this they will in the future also be willing to lean in to help with your issues in the same way and the whole business will benefit.

Think about the last crisis you had at work, what were the signs, how could you have helped earlier on and avoided the crisis.

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