5 things Leaders can learn from Mothers…

Today is my Mums birthday, She passed away 2 years ago and I miss her dearly every day.


But in thinking about her I thought about what could we learn from Mums as leaders

Mother’s will always be there to guide you

Whatever you do in life your Mum will always be there to guide you, give you feedback and help you to the right path, wipe away the tears and redirect you.

A Leader needs to ensure like this, they are always there for their team, not to just tell them what to do, but to guide them and help them when they make mistakes and redirect them.

Mother’s will celebrate the smallest thing in your life

When ever something big or small happens in your life, your mother is interested and is there to tell you “well done” and how proud she is of you.

Leaders need to celebrate accomplishments on their teams, ensure they have interest in all their teams work and let them know when they do well.

Mother’s will tell you when something is not right for you

Your mother will tell you, often before you know it, that you are headed on the wrong path. Why, because she loves you and has your interest at heart. She has a lifetime of experience and wants the best for you.

As a leader you have experience, try and use this to direct and forewarn your teams of the potential errors and guide them, with their interests at heart.

Mother’s will help you with your homework, study

Your mum nags you about your grades, homework, and helps you with it, when you’re stuck. She is constantly focused on you learning, from manners to education, to life lessons.

As a Leader you need to always be focused on the learning of your teams, they need to take on new challenges, be held accountable for delivering and you need be their mentor for constant learning

Mother’s will pick you back up when you make a mistake

Everyone makes mistakes and the one thing you are sure of is no matter what happens, mum will be there to wipe away the tears and help you move forward.  If she is an Irish mum – she may mention that she told you so 🙂  but she will be the first to  pick you up and hold you and get you back on your feet and have you moving again.

A good leader allows people to take risks, as people take risks they will make mistakes and this is where learning comes from. A good leader will help ensure that they do not make catastrophic mistakes, but will help them and guide them when they do make mistakes and help them on the right path.

Mother’s will always love you

No matter what you do in life, one thing you can count on is your Mum will always love you, even when she doesn’t like your behavior, she will still always love you. This is because she has your interests at heart and always wants what is best for you, Your pain is her pain and your happiness is her happiness. This gives you the security of knowing you can always turn to her, no matter how bad the situation is.

Lets be clear here, I am not for one moment suggesting that a leader should be there regardless of what a person does, but the people on your teams should at least know from a work point of view you have their best interests at heart and should trust you as their leader.


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