Review Time or continuing the conversation…

As you enter the review time here is some advice I hope will help you have a better meeting.



  • Get the document with your feedback to your employee before the meeting. So they don’t have to read it in front of you. They need the time to digest the information and think about it and come in to your meeting prepared
  • If possible have the meeting in their office or in a neutral space, if you can’t, then ensure there are no distractions, silence your phone, put do not disturb on your door, switch all instant messages to silent. This is their time, show them the respect they deserve and that you are there to have a conversation with them and that is the most important thing. You should also do this for 1-1’s. Nothing is worse than someone saying this is your time and then someone pings them and they say hold on a moment. Have you ever been in a shop buying something when the clerk says hold on a moment and answers the phone, how do you feel?. Exactly.
  • Listen to the employee, rephrase what you understood them to say so they feel heard. Give them an opportunity to correct items, if incorrectly stated. Sometimes the words we use have an unintended impact, your employee may be ok with the message, but worried someone else may read it differently. Remember this is their record and they should be able to ensure that the message is clear, even if they do not like the message.
  • Although this is a meeting that is documented more than others, there should be no surprises, this is part of an ongoing conversation you are having with your employee throughout the year, most likely on a weekly basis. If this doesn’t feel like a continuation of that conversation then something is wrong. I get that sometimes you may need to push harder here on a message they have not been hearing, but examples should show “as we communicated before” and not a surprise.
  • Finally enjoy the conversation, with the exception of a few employees in your career, most meetings are celebrating their success and helping them be more succesful and guiding them on where they can increase success. Also you will learn a lot about yourself

Enjoy and let me know any tips you would share on reviews or 1-1 meetings.

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