How do I focus on the right stuff, Emails, meetings, constant drops by my office.  I have a list of 100’s of things that need to be done. I can’t do them all. What are your tips to get me to focus on the right stuff?

List out all the things you need to accomplish.

Prioritize this list based on business outcome, which will have greatest impact to least impact on the business

For each item that comes across your table think, does this help me get to my goal or not.  If I do this will it move me towards my highest impact business list. If not then maybe it is not that important.

But to be sure next ask this, what is the worst thing that happens if I don’t do it. If there is a large impact then reconsider, if there is a small impact or none at all then I would suggest you drop it.

This should clear a lot of noise out of the system and now you should have a better list of what is important. But even within that you need to look at what will have the biggest impact as you need to break down the business results you wish to accomplish into smaller bite size parts and focus on what could be delivered in a short period of time, say two weeks.  If something is longer than this, then it cannot be that important.

By dividing the work up into these pieces and reprioritizing the list you will see in a short period of time that you are on your way to delivering real business value and you are removing distractions from your path.

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