Take a break…

We all need to step out of work and take a break. As we approach the end of the year. Look and ensure you staff have taken vacation. Many people think the world will stop if they take time off. There is never a good time for vacation, there is always a to do list incomplete.

However, everyone needs to take their time off and refresh, be with their family and not think about work for a while. No matter how short the break when someone takes it their productivity increases when they return. This is a return on investment you cannot afford to miss.

So check in on your staff, are they taking vacation, if not push them to do so. It is their responsibility to take their vacation, but yours as a manager to ensure they do not burn out.

If you do not ensure they are clear they have permission, then talk to them. Why haven’t you taken vacation, are you as a manager not setting an example.  

It is the end of the year so look at your staffs vacation trend and ensure the new year starts with success and people take the time off to refresh.


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