Be Decisive…

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With many things is business the right choice is not always clear. The way forward is not simple. If it were we would not need leaders. Your job is to make a decision.

There is no “I don’t know” option. You need to make an informed decision with data, where possible, but this is not always available. So. you as a leader need to decide Yes we will go this way or another way, that is why you are a leader.

A wrong decision is generally less disastrous than indecision as direction can be changed and a move in any direction causes us to learn. Even if what we learn is we should have gone a different way.

But indecision stops any movement and cripples your team.

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This is true in strategic decisions you make, but also in how you deal with your manager and those around you.

Give them an answer when asked a question

Tell them were you are going.

Tell them what you want.

You will never get an answer to a question you don’t ask so pick a lane, make a decision.

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