Thanksgiving, Think RYTHER

Since I moved to the US, one holiday I have enjoyed the most is Thanksgiving.  People across the US, use this time to reflect and think about what they are Thankful for.

I am thankful to be on the Board of a wonderful charity called Ryther

What is Ryther: I can try to explain what Ryther does, but words will fail me, this is an amazing charity and I would ask each of you to take the time to look at this video, it explains what Ryther does, this is a long video, but they do a lot and for those kids that need it the most. Please take the time to view it, I know many of you have hectic lives, but if you only take the time on one post today, please make it be this one.

The video is great and shows the brilliant work that Ryther does.

In this time of Thanksgiving in the US, we look at all that we have to be thankful for and we have so many things, others are not so lucky.

So by now you are asking, how can you help, there are some simple things you can do.

Purchase Gifts for Ryther on their Gift List: As the holidays approach, Ryther has a wish list for their Kids and cottages. Just use this link. Choose something on the list and order it, there are a lot of options and most are not costly.  When you order it you will see the Ryther address to ship to: Other addresses: Development Department’s Gift Registry Address

Switch your purchasing on Amazon to and 0.5% of your bill will be donated to Ryther when you select us as your designated charity. This means any purchases you make will support Ryther as you do your online shopping for the season. Simple to do and costs you nothing.

If None of the above, you can still Donate Here

Finally learn more about Ryther 

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