Happy Presidents’ Day


Thoughts to my younger self


I was asked recently to speak on what advice I would share from my career about dealing with adversity. I spent some time thinking about this and focused on what I know now and wish I knew back then. Here is what I shared as my top 10 items, over the next few posts I will dive into each one and give more of my insights and what I spoke about. Let me know your what your top advice to your younger self would be and any feedback on mine.

1) Put family first, all else is secondary. That is adversity you want to avoid at all cost

2) Assume People come to work every day – to do their best

3) Honesty is best policy

4) Surround yourself with smart people and people who think differently and embrace the diversity

5) Don’t fear Process

6) Set BIG goals

7) Remember you work for your company – Not your department/ group/ team

8) Plan for Success, Mitigate Failure.

9) Tell me why, I don’t like Mondays.

10) Have Fun

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